About Us

The Lumsden Community Band is an encouraging and fun-loving group of people who enjoy getting together to play in concert band. We are a non-profit association registered with the Saskatchewan Band Association. We perform several times throughout the year, in and around Lumsden, Saskatchewan, in the scenic Qu’Appelle Valley. The Band has been active in the community since 1990. Our players bring to the band an array of musical backgrounds, from none at all to professional musicians. Since there is no age limit on fun, we welcome everyone to the band!

Miranda Hulshof is our conductor. Miranda also teaches band at Ecole Lumsden Elementary School and at Lumsden High School. Sometimes we convince her to play clarinet with us too. Heather Day was our conductor in 2017-2018; Heather and her family live in Lumsden, and we have enjoyed Heather’s leadership many times over the last few years. While Heather took a break in 2016-2017, we were fortunate to get to work with Mitchell Bonokoski as Conductor. Mitchell has a degree in Music Education and has conducted school Bands in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Mitchell is also on the Board of Directors for the Saskatchewan Band Association.

Whether you are interested in continuing your experience as a musician in the band, or whether you’re interested in learning a first (or a new) instrument, we would love to have you join us. We practice once a week from September to May, at the Lumsden High School band room, with an average of 6 performances throughout the year (and we’d probably do more if we could!).

Here’s our origin story: in 1990, a group of parents were watching their children play in school band. The children were having so much fun that the parents thought they’d like to play too. Some had played in a band when they were growing up, while others had never played an instrument before. D’Arcy Mossing agreed to be the conductor, and practices began. Since then, many musicians (adults and high school students) have enjoyed practicing and performing with the Lumsden Community Band.

Since its beginning, the Band has participated in workshops and competitions, has performed with other bands such as the Regina Band-Its, and has played at numerous events in Lumsden and surrounding communities, including the Lumsden Duck Derby; the annual Festival of Carols; the Snowflake Bazaar; spring concerts with the Lumsden Community Choir; Concerts in the Park; Valley Keyboards Music Recitals in Craven; Lumsden Figure Skating Carnivals; and the 2010 Saskatchewan Men’s Curling Tankard.