Come Play

The Lumsden Community Band practices on weekday evenings (in 2022, we rehearse on Tuesdays from 7 – 8:30pm; beginning in January we may be moving our rehearsals to Monday evenings). During gathering restrictions, we rehearse in our own homes using Zoom, and when we can get together safely outdoors, we rehearse as a group in yards, or at the Lumsden Dance Studio. We welcome players from Lumsden and from any and all of our surrounding communities (we are limited only by our players’ desire to commute!), and of any ability level. Although we’re technically the Lumsden Community “Adult” Band, which makes for a difficult acronym to pronounce, our doors are always open to any who are interested in joining us – there’s no need to doctor your ID just for us!

What about if I used to play but I haven’t played in a long time? Can I still join? 

Yes please! We’re a welcoming and encouraging group. You wouldn’t be the first musician to come out after a *cough* year hiatus, a little rusty but still rarin’ to go. We’ll help.

What do you mean, you’ll help?

The Lumsden Community Band holds workshops from time to time, and our players and conductors are always willing to show a few ropes or give a few pointers. We know you’ll have fun, and we’re all learning right along with you.

But what about if I don’t know how to read music?  

It’s okay. In the past, some of the workshops we’ve offered have ranged from ‘how to read music’ to ‘rhythm and time signatures’ to ‘what the heck key is this IN, anyway?’. We’re patient and we love to help. Music enriches life; playing music makes you smarter*.

Contact us if you’d like to groove with the band.

You can also contact us through the website administrator.

*We don’t actually have any data to prove that playing music makes you smarter, but everyone in the band is pretty clever, so it goes to reason that it has to be true.